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Category Archives: Flossing And Hygiene

Oral B Ultra Dental Floss Mint

20330 Oral B Ultra Dental Floss. Flossing And Hygiene. Oral-B Ultra Dental Floss Oral-B Ultra dental floss helps you start flossing right. Pre-measured strands. Fluffy texture to avoid irritation, which stretches thin to glide between the teeth, then springs back to

Wisdom Clean Between Flossers 30 Flossers

20329 Wisdom Clean Between Flossers. Flossing And Hygiene. Wisdom Clean Between Flossers Wisdom Clean Between Flossers with advanced silk-like tape are incredibly easy to use. They slide effortlessly into even tight gaps between the teeth helping to make it easier to

Wisdom Denture Bath

20328 Wisdom Denture Bath. Flossing And Hygiene. Wisdom Denture Bath Denture Bath For cleaning and storage of dentures Complete with rinsing basket the Wisdom Denture Bath provides the ideal denture storage solution. Rinsing basket Box with lid for hygiene .

Oral B Essential Floss Waxed Mint

13664 Oral B Essential Floss Waxed. Flossing And Hygiene. Oral Essential Floss Waxed Brushing alone can’t get to all the hard-to-reach places where plaque builds up. But Oral-B Essential Floss can. With its shred-resistant texture, it slides easily between your teeth

Denti Brush Wire-Free Interdental Brushes 30 Brushes

16321 Denti Brush Wire-Free Interdental Brushes. Flossing And Hygiene. Denti Brush Wire-Free Interdental Brushes Very soft comfortable to use. Cleans gently and effectively. Eliminates potential damage to teeth and gums. Effectively massages and strengthens gums to increase blood circulation. Brushes are

Wisdom Fresh Effect Dental Sticks 100 Sticks

14787 Wisdom Fresh Effect Dental Sticks. Flossing And Hygiene. Wisdom Fresh Effect Dental Sticks Wisdom Fresh Effect Extra Minty Dental Sticks with their triangular profile have been designed to effectively  clean between the teeth and remove food debris after meals or

Welters Brushpicks Brushpicks 150

14453 Welters Brushpicks. Flossing And Hygiene. Welters Brushpicks Rounded tip protects gum upon insertion. Interdental brush for removing food debris. Made from flexible. .

Oral B Superfloss 50 Strands

13666 Oral B Superfloss. Flossing And Hygiene. Oral B Superfloss Stiffened end to floss under appliances. Spongy-floss to clean around appliances and in wide spaces. Regular floss to remove plaque under gumline. 50 pre-cut strands. .